Real Apple Cider, Made Easy

For more than 30 years, we have been making our Hot Spiced Apple Cider Concentrate to warm people up.

Apple Cider Concentrate from the Mountain Cider Company

Apple cider isn’t always the easiest of drinks to serve. For starters, it is usually only available in season, and then, you can only find it close to where it’s grown. Fresh cider will spoil after a week, and other bottled ciders contain preservatives to keep them from going bad. Don’t even get us started on the powder packets.

At the Mountain Cider Company, we decided the only way to make cider easier to use, was to concentrate it. Simple as that! Just apples, boiled down and mixed with a traditional blend of spices to complement the flavor. Over 30 years later and we still have customers coming back time and again. 

No Fridge, No Mess, No Wasted Space, Just Apple & Spice.

Our Products

The Secret Weapon of Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Bakeries, and Specialty Food Stores Everywhere

Pint | 16 fl. oz.

A great take home or gift option. This jug contains 16 servings of 100% natural spiced apple cider concentrate. Mix 1 oz. of concentrate with 7 oz. hot water to make a warming cup of cider.

Half Gallon | 64 fl. oz.

The ideal size for a coffee shop, restaurant, or other food service establishment. This jug contains 64 servings of 100% natural spiced apple cider concentrate. Simply add one pump (1 oz.) of concentrate into a cup with 7oz. of hot water to make an 8 oz. serving.

The Story of Mountain Cider

For more than 30 years, our family has been making spiced apple cider concentrate to warm folks up. Whether you are just coming in off the ski slopes, or just need some time to slow down and relax, we will do our best to keep offering cup after delicious cup. Our apple cider concentrate is made by boiling down apples and evaporating them until they have a thick, syrupy consistency. In doing this, we realized that we could make a base for apple cider with a longer shelf life than fresh cider and a better taste than powdered packets or mixes. We make the best cup of hot apple cider you’ve ever tasted, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that you get the quality you need. Whether you’re looking for a jug to keep in the pantry or a year’s supply of cider for your coffee shop we’re confident our spiced apple cider concentrate will do the trick.

Cider Recipes

For years our family has tinkered around with new and exciting cider based beverages, so if you come up with a good one, feel free to drop us a line.

Hot Recipes

There’s nothing that soothes the soul at the end of a hard day quite like a piping hot mug of your favorite apple cider.

Cold Recipes

While many enjoy apple cider as a warm drink that keeps them cozy on cold fall and winter nights, that’s not all it’s good for.

Alcoholic Recipes

Whether you’re looking to make a toast during a celebration or simply kick back after a long day, our apple cider concentrate can come in handy here too.

Food Recipes

Believe it or not, you don’t even have to use our apple cider concentrate in a drink.

Mountain Cider FAQ

We’re a small farm operation and prefer the personal touch. Give us a call at 800-483-2416 and we’ll take your order. You can also order using our contact page or by emailing [email protected]. Directly, we sell by the case, but you find single jugs for sale from one of our online distributors.

We sell our concentrate by the case only. Our half gallon case has 4 jugs and will make 256 – 8 oz. servings. Our pint case has 12 jugs which will make 16 – 8 oz. servings each. Be sure to ask if we have a distributor in your area and we might be able to get our cider to you faster and for a lower price.

Because we are a small operation we rely on distributors to get our cider to you as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We would be happy to find a distributor close to you that will sell by the jug. Amazon is always an option but we can recommend other sellers that might provide a better value.


Our cider is gluten-free, all natural, certified Kosher, GMO-free, allergen-free, caffeine-free, and has no added sugar or preservatives


Our cider concentrate will last 24 months or more from the date code on the bottle with no refrigeration required. The best-by date will be printed on the bottom rim of the jug. Some of our older half gallon jugs have a 5 digit julian date to show when it was made. If you have one of these (it’s likely expired), but the first three digits are the day of the year. ex “001” is January 1st, and “365” is December 31st. The last two digits are the year itself. ex “18” is 2018.


When cider is highly concentrated, the liquids evaporate and the solids and acids in the cider condense. With minimal water left, and the concentrated acids from the apples, no bacteria can grow. In a way, the concentrated apples act as their own preservative, so we don’t need to add anything else.


Yes. It is advised that pregnant women don’t drink unpasteurized cider because it has the potential to contain dangerous pathogens. The process of concentrating our cider eliminates any of these potential pathogens.

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