Cooking With Apple Cider

Believe it or not, you don’t even have to use our apple cider concentrate in a drink. From giving meat a sweet glaze to crafting a rich, full-bodied soup to warm you up, there are several ways to cook with apple cider.

Our collection of apple cider food recipes provides you with numerous dishes that we’ve collected over the years. The longer we work in this industry, the more recipes we discover. Cooking with cider produces dishes with rich flavors, giving you tang, spice, and sweetness as well as many other sensational tastes. Trust us—nothing will impress your family more than a tangy finish on your favorite meals.


Sweet and Savory Dishes

On top of embellishing the flavors of your favorites, another way to embrace cooking with apple cider is to bake beloved classic treats like apple cider donuts. One of our favorite baking recipes with apple cider is our apple spice granola. It makes every morning feel like a cozy fall day. For a savory delicacy, our pork and cider stew recipe gives you a mix of flavors that produces a hearty main course or appetizer dish.

Festive Feasts

If you are looking to spice up your holiday dinners, we’ve got festive recipes with apple cider that’ll spread the seasonal joys and comforts, like our turkey brine and bread pudding recipes. Plus, when you pair these festive recipes with a cozy cup of hot cider, you create the ultimate holiday feast, covering the main course and beverages to dessert.

Braise, Glaze, and Spice

Cooking with apple cider means creating braises, glazes, and spices that’ll enhance any tasty bite with the joys of apple cider flavors. It brings the coziness, aromatic sensations, and fall and festive ambience you get from a sip of cider. All it takes is a scoop of our apple cider concentrate.

Cooking is a creative process. Adding apple cider concentrate to your list of ingredients to experiment with opens the doors to tasty new possibilities. It broadens your talent as a chef. Plus, playing around with a new ingredient makes cooking more exciting and challenging.

Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savory, our collection of recipes will help you make the most of every drop of our concentrate. If it’s already in your kitchen, why not use it in more ways than one? Browse our list of apple cider food recipes and start cooking and baking a variety of flavorful treats with apple cider! Also, don’t forget to stock up on your Mountain Cider concentrate. You’ll want enough for cooking and drinking.