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For years our family has tinkered around with new and exciting cider based beverages. In that time we've been fortunate enough to have plenty of willing guinea pigs when it comes to taste testing. Below are some of the gems we've uncovered from scavenging recipe books, polling customers, and experimenting at holiday parties. We are always on the lookout for interesting new applications for our hot spiced apple cider concentrate, so if you come up with a good one, feel free to drop us a line.


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  • Apple Cider Sangria
  • 1 standard 750ml. bottle dry white wine
    3 oz. of Hot Spiced Apple Cider Concentrate
    1/2 cup brandy
    1/4 cup caramel vodka
    1 apple cored and sliced
    1 lemon sliced
    1 lime sliced
    2 cups seltzer water

    In a pitcher, mix all ingredients except for seltzer water. Cover and refrigerate overnight. When ready to serve gently mix in seltzer and pour over ice.
  • Holiday Party Cider
  • 2 Cups Cider Concentrate
    11 Cups water
    3 Cups dark rum
    1 Lemon sliced
    1 Orange sliced

    Mix and heat gently on low
  • Hot Apple Pie
  • 1 oz. Cider Concentrate
    1 oz. Tuaca liqueur
    6 oz. Hot water
  • Hot Buttered Rum
  • 1 oz. Cider Concentrate
    1 oz. Dark rum
    6 oz. Hot water
    Optional pat of butter
  • Broken Leg
  • 1 oz. Cider Concentrate
    1 oz. Ginger brandy
    6 oz. Hot water
  • Siberian Belly Warmer
  • 1 oz. Cider Concentrate
    1 oz. Pepper vodka
    6 oz. Hot water
  • Apple Crisp
  • 1 oz. Cider Concentrate
    1/2 oz. Kahlua
    1/2 oz. Baileys
    1/2 oz. Frangelico
    1 oz. Stoli vanilla vodka
    Shake in 16oz pint glass ,
    top with soda water
  • Apple Cooler
  • 1 oz. Cider Concentrate
    1 oz. Applejack
    6 oz. Cold water
    Splash of grenadine
    Serve over ice with lime garnish
  • Cider Toddy
  • 1 oz. Cider Concentrate
    2 tsp. Honey
    2 tsp. Lemon juice (one good wedge)
    1.5 oz. Bourbon
    5 oz. Hot water
  • The Cinnamon Stick
  • 1 oz. Cider Concentrate
    1 oz. Cinnamon whiskey
    6 oz. Hot water
  • Snowflake Bentley
  • 1 oz. Cider Concentrate
    1.5 oz. Apple brandy
    1 oz. Dubonnet or sweet vermouth
    2 Dashes of Angostura bitters
    Egg white

    Shake vigorously over ice and serve with a lemon twist
  • The Stone Fence
  • 1 oz. Cider Concentrate
    1.5 oz. Dark rum
    6 oz. Hard Cider
    (Substitute seltzer water for less punch)

    Add Ice and stir well

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