5 Tips for Making Drinks With Apple Cider Concentrate

Apple cider concentrates graces kitchens and bars with a spicy, tangy, and sweet addition. They produce delicious beverages and make the perfect cozy drink when served warm and on a rainy or cold day. They also provide the best base for more than just a hot winter and fall aesthetic cup. Here are five tips for making drinks with apple cider concentrate and how to make the most of this multifaceted and flavorful ingredient.

1. Follow Recommended Water Ratio

Recommended water-to-concentrate ratios provide you with the ideal mixture balance. It ensures you use enough water to dilute the rich concentration while also avoiding washing out the flavors. Too much water leaves you with slightly flavored aqua, and too little gives you a thick consistency and a punch full of spice.

Following the recommended ratio gives you the perfect base to work around. It provides you with a middle ground, helping you decide if you prefer more water or less to match your preferences. Plus, the recommended ratio produces a tried-and-tested recipe that experts in the industry claim is the best way to enjoy the concentrate.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Creative

Apple cider’s fame stems from the cozy ambiance they embody and produce while served hot. However, there are many other ways to savor apple cider’s sweet, spiced tang. Get creative in the kitchen or bar and whip up more than just a cozy cup. Enjoy the flavors of apple cider in a smoothie, cocktail, iced refresher, and many other tasty and creative ways.

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3. Embellish With Other Flavors

Apple cider concentrates include rich flavors due to their concentrated composition. However, adding a little more zest doesn’t hurt. Embellishing your cider beverage with more complementary relishes and spices like cinnamon, basil leaves, maple syrup, fruits, and other flavorful add-ons further enriches the cider’s taste. It also allows you to broaden your recipes and enjoy your cider concentrate in more ways than one.

4. Make Sure To Stir Well

Although better than apple cider powder, concentrates still require a good stir to make sure the mixture properly blends. Skimping out on the stirring, shaking, or blending process leaves you with unsatisfying textures and tastes. Making sure to give your beverage a good stir leads to better results.

5. Use Quality Concentrate

The secret to any mouthwatering recipe are the ingredients used. After all, they are the foundation that composes your dish or drink. Using high-quality components, like Mountain Cider’s apple cider concentrate, produces memorable and tastier beverages.

Enjoy flavorful and delicious cider with these five tips for making drinks with apple cider concentrate. Whether you relish it as an iced refresher, happy hour drink, or cozy evening treat, implementing some of these tips ensures you make the most of your Mountain Cider concentrate.