Mountain Cider News & Updates

Apple Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce

A gooey and decadant baked dessert

Pork and Cider Stew

A hearty and filling stew for a cold night

Spiced Cider Baked Oatmeal

A healthy weekend breakfast for the whole family

Baked and Glazed Cider Donut

Baked donuts are easier and healthier than fried, but just as delicious.

Harvest Salad with Spiced Cider Dressing

A crunchy and savory fall salad

Cider Donuts Recipe

Nothing quite like a crisp cider donut fresh out of the fryer. Grab a big mug of spiced cider and try not to eat the whole batch.

Homebrew Hard Cider


This recipe will make one gallon of hard cider. You can also try different ratios of cider to water in order to make higher or lower ABV hard ciders. We recently made a five gallon batch by mixing 1 gallon of our cider concentrate with 4 gallons of water for an 8% "Imperial" cider.

Apple Cider Barbeque Ribs

Cider braised and basted ribs. Make these when the snow finally melts off your grill.

Cider Sage Bread

This savory bread can be used for the perfect Thanksgiving sandwich or as the base for stuffing or croutons

Cider Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Pecans, and Crispy Shallots

Spiced apple cider concentrate enhances this already decadant side dish

Apple Pie Recipe

Dont be afraid to top this with a scoop of vanilla ice cream...or for the real experience, aged Vermont cheddar cheese

Apple Cider Pate

This pate will become the star of your next cheese plate. Buttery, iron-y, apple-y, and very spreadable on crackers, or as part of Bahn Mi sandwiches. This recipes is easier than you'd think and is a must try.

Apple Onion Chutney

A great zingy and sweet companion to roast pork dishes, sandwiches, and cheese boards

Spiced Cider and Walnut Pie

This is a tangier version of the classic pecan pie. Instead of pecans there are toasted walnuts, and instead of corn syrup it's Spiced Apple Cider Concentrate. Pair this with some vanilla ice cream and enjoy!

What do we do when the Snow Stops Falling?

As much as I’d like to make and sell our cider all year long with equal fervor, it is undoubtedly a seasonal product. That said, we do get plenty of diehards who buy our cider no matter what the temperature is, but for most folks, demand drops off around the beginning of March. In many parts of the U.S. (including Vermont) cold, snowy conditions will continue to drag on for a month or two, but it’s this time of year that people get sick of winter, and the nostalgic appeal of hot spiced cider gets replaced by the deep desire for frosty lemonade and backyard barbeques.   

Apple Cider Syrup

A wonderful addition to pancakes, porridges, and ice cream. This recipe requires diluting our spiced apple cider concentrate rather than reducing it. The addition of butter gives it a smooth and velvety texture.

The Holidays in Vermont - Spiced Apple Sweet Potatoes

The Holidays are a magical time in Vermont. If you ever get the chance, I would recommend escaping the normal hustle and bustle, to come visit us. If you swing by the Rutland City Rotary Christmas tree stand in the month of December, I’ll even tie a Vermont grown balsam fir to the roof of your car and send you a way with a free cup of our hot spiced apple cider.

Octoberfeast: Spiced Cider Braised Cabbage and Bratwurst

As far as one pot meals go, this is a Gormly family favorite, and is perfect for a chilly October night.


As a word of warning, let’s just say that the ingredients in this dish act as a “digestive aid”, and it should only be enjoyed in familiar company.

Cider Pork & Poultry Glaze Recipe

This versatile glaze goes great on pork roasts or poultry. Afterwards the pan drippings can be used to make the most amazing gravy.

Spiced Cider Switchel - The Wonder Tonic

We at the Mountain Cider Company have been experiencing a bit of a late season heat wave up here in Vermont. Usually, by this time of year, I’m expecting to see some frost on the pumpkins, but instead we’ve been treated to a slate of 90 degree days. This is rare, even for summer. Outdoor work, which is usually quite pleasurable in the Fall, has turned into a sweaty, arduous, endeavor. Luckily, we have a traditional concoction for liquid revitalization which has helped abate the sun’s harsh gaze. I’m talking about switchel.

Spiced Apple Cider Granola

One wouldn’t be lying if they said Vermont is known for its granolas. Around here, this can describe the general population just as easily as the nutty, crunchy, oat-laden topping.  Granola gives us Vermonters the energy to survive long winters and longer election cycles. Add it to yogurt, put it on ice cream, or just snack on it by its lonesome. We don’t judge.

Get to Know the Mountain Cider Company

We at the Mountain Cider Company are finally getting with the modern times (and by modern times, we mean late 1990’s), and starting a blog. We figured it was time, because our web guy kept bugging us, and we guess it wouldn’t hurt if our customers got to know us a bit more. That said, Welcome! As a means of introduction here are 5 questions that paint a pretty good picture of who we are, and where we came from.

Spiced Cider Turkey Brine Recipe

Give yourself the juciest, most flavorful turkey this year.

Butternut Squash, Apple & Ginger Soup

Butternut Squash, Apple & Ginger Soup Recipe

Cider Tart Recipe

Cider Tart Food Recipe