3 Irresistible Hot Beverages To Help Boost Bakery Profits

Like milk and cookies, beer and wings, cocktails and charcuterie boards, bakery items pair well with a hot beverage. The pairing creates the ultimate cozy ambiance to enhance study breaks and morning catchup sessions. In fall, the dynamic duo of a steaming mug and freshly baked treat fills the heart with pleasure and creates the perfect way to start or spend a chilly day. Offering pastries paired with a warm, soothing beverage at your bakery or business attracts many customers looking to cozy up this fall. Here are three irresistible hot beverages to serve to boost your bakery profits.

Specialty Teas

The act of enjoying a baked treat with tea goes way back. In England, the combination of biscuits and tea is a classic afternoon delight, morning ritual, and social activity. Serving hot tea with your bakery items pays homage to this traditional British pastime and offers your customers a tried and true experience. Some of the best teas to serve alongside your baked goods include specialty teas like a spiced chai latte, matcha green tea, and an assortment of herbal teas.

Coffee and Lattes

No old-school cop movie or show was complete without a policeman, a cup of joe, and a donut. Although many people don’t dip their donuts into coffee like onscreen characters often do, the idea of a pastry paired with a rich, soothing, and warm cup of coffee offers a lot of appealing qualities. Plus, a cup of coffee with a side of freshly baked treats just makes sense. It gives people their caffeine kick of the day and satisfies their morning munchies, serving up an ideal breakfast order for many.

Apple Cider

Hot chocolate is a classic alternative for non-coffee drinkers. However, it often excludes those on a dairy-free diet. Serving your baked goods with a hot mug of apple cider instead opens up your menu t everyone. This inclusive drink option allows everyone to experience the joys of a warm drink paired with a delicious pastry. To top it all off, creating apple cider doesn’t require any fancy machinery. All you need is apple cider concentrate and boiled water.

Tea, coffee, and apple cider are three irresistible beverages that perfectly complement tasty bakery bites, attract those looking for a cozy experience, and bring in lots of profit. On a chilly fall or winter day, serving a hot mug and warm, oven-fresh treat creates an appealing attraction that customers can’t resist.