5 Fun Facts About Apple Cider Concentrate

How much do you really know about the apple cider you pour into your mug? Apple cider is the preferred drink for fall lovers. There’s more to know about it than just how tasty it can be. From the science behind its creation to the benefits it provides, there’s plenty to learn about this iconic drink, and we’re happy to inform. These are five fun facts about apple cider concentrate to give you a better appreciation for this classic beverage.

1. The Type of Apple Effects the Taste

One of the first things to know about apple cider is that there’s more than one type of apple that can go into it. Traditional apple cider often contains a mixture of fuji, gala, pink lady, and Jonagold apples to produce the full-bodied flavor we enjoy. However, cider makers can also experiment with their recipe, possibly adding more acidic apples such as McIntosh, Cortland, and granny smith varieties. Depending on the blend, they can create a unique-tasting cider with different characteristics.

2. Apple Cider Is a Lot Like Wine

It’s also interesting to note that the process of creating apple cider is similar in many ways to the crafting of wine. While fresh cider isn’t alcoholic, the mixture goes through a natural fermentation process as it ages. It’s this fermentation that produces what we know as “hard” cider. It’s this same step that turns select grapes into wine.

3. It Takes 36 Apples To Make One Gallon of Cider

When you pick up a gallon of apple cider, have you ever wondered how many apples went into that jug? Well, the answer is 36 for fresh liquid cider. It takes juicing these fruits and combining them with select spices to create the cider we all know and love. If you’re buying apple cider concentrate, the numbers can look slightly different. At Mountain Cider, our half-gallon hot apple cider concentrate is highly concentrated and devoid of fluids. So, it takes approximately 175 apples to make these quantities.

4. Apple Cider Contains Several Nutrients

Another fun fact to know about apple cider concentrate is that it has several different essential nutrients. While apples are great for getting in your daily dose of simple sugar and carbs, they also have a noteworthy amount of protein and fiber. This makes them a great addition to any healthy diet. Shockingly enough, apples contain iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and potassium as well.

5. Drinking Cider Has Key Health Benefits

In addition to being a great part of your diet, apple cider can come with several health benefits. For one, it can help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and help with hydration since it’s mainly water. Apples also have some vitamin C and antioxidants, which can reduce inflammation and protect against the development of some cancers.

Apple cider is as fascinating as it is tasty. We at Mountain Cider are excited to provide you with all the concentrate you could ever want. Our cider concentrate tastes better and lasts longer, allowing you to incorporate it into any meal or beverage you want, when you want.