8 Drinks To Make Using Apple Cider Concentrate

When it comes to classic apple cider, many think this drink is perfect just the way it is. With its full-bodied, often spiced flavor and warmth, you don’t have to do a lot to it to enjoy it in front of a fireplace. But there’s a lot of room for creativity when it comes to apple cider, and you might end up creating something you like better than the original.

Here, we’ve compiled eight drinks to make using apple cider concentrate that are unique twists on the typical cider recipe. Try one or try them all! We promise you’re going to like what you make.

Apple Cider Latte

Coffee is one of the most beloved drinks in the world. With its diversity of flavor and high caffeine levels, it’s been a key part of everyone’s day for decades. But why stop there when you can add a new flavor to your daily treat? Lattes are creamy, smooth, and sweet, making them a great way to get your sugar spike and caffeine fix in one go.

Infuse your latte with the richness of apple cider, and you’re sure to enjoy it. Simply combine two shots of espresso with apple cider. You can also add syrups such as lavender or vanilla to give the drink an extra pop of flavor. Then, add your steamed milk for the frothy, creamy goodness you want.

Apple Cider Tea

If you prefer hot tea over coffee, then boy do we have a recipe for you. The earthy and herbal notes in tea complement the rich sweetness of apple very well. Whether you combine cider concentrate with the spiced notes of chai or the soothing earthiness of chamomile, you’ll have a tasty drink to enjoy.

In fact, because teas can have strong flavors of their own, you don’t need to add anything else but the concentrate and water to get the warm, cozy beverage you’re after. For more subtle tea varieties, consider adding a bit of honey to tie the two flavors together.

Holiday Cider

When the holidays roll around, you want something that will warm you up and give you the blend of seasonal tastes you’ve come to expect. While apple cider can accomplish this on its own, there are still plenty of ways you can add depth to the drink. For instance, our holiday cider recipe uses sliced lemon and orange to give it some extra acidity and zest.

You can also experiment with adding your favorite seasonal candies to your cider, such as candy canes or cinnamon sticks. These additions are sure to give you a drink that perfectly embodies all you love about the holidays.

Cider Float

Keep in mind that you don’t have to serve apple cider drinks hot. Believe it or not, cold drinks can be just as much of a crowd pleaser. Cider floats can cool you down on a warm summer day while providing the flavor pallet of fall. Spiced and sweet, the cider, combined with ginger ale and vanilla ice cream, takes this recipe from drink to full-blown dessert in a flash. So, the next time you have guests for a bonfire, surprise them with a taste of autumn.

Apple Pie Smoothie

Another delicious drink with apple cider concentrate is the apple pie smoothie. If you’re looking for something to refresh and reenergize you, these smoothies are the perfect thing. Made by combining spiced apple cider concentrate with almond milk, ice, and almonds, this drink is the best way to get the full taste of apple pie in a single sip. Make sure that you blend these smoothies until they’re completely smooth to fully incorporate the ingredients and make for a velvety beverage. Or, if you’re in the mood for something a little thicker, add ice cream and graham crackers for an apple pie milkshake.

Apple Butterbeer

Traditional butterbeer is a sweet and creamy treat for anyone. But when you add the tartness of apple to it, you get a unique drink you’ll want to have again and again. Simply combine our spiced cider concentrate with butterscotch syrup, seltzer, and whipped cream. Feel free to add ice to your glass to keep the drink cool and top with extra butterscotch syrup for an additional punch of flavor. This twist on classic butterbeer is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of sweet tooths.

Spiked Ginger Cider

No list of apple cider drinks would be complete without mentioning a few of the harder varieties. Apple and ginger go together like chocolate and peanut butter, each complementing the other’s flavor profile in the best possible ways. So, it’s only natural that putting them in a drink together would make magic. In addition to the cider and ginger, some cinnamon and spiced rum also tie this drink together. This is a great beverage to have in your arsenal for entertaining guests.

Apple Cider Sangria

If you’re more in the mood for wine, try apple cider sangria. With several different liquors from your cabinet, you can craft a drink that’s perfect for an entire party. Alongside the cider, add white wine, brandy, vodka, and seltzer water to the mix. Then, slice up some lemons, limes, and, of course, apples, and float them in your pitcher. You can serve several people at once with this drink and it’s very refreshing when enjoyed near a warm fire. Just make sure you refrigerate this blend overnight so that the flavors have time to fully mature.

If you’re looking to experiment with apple cider drinks, Mountain Cider has just what you need. Our spiced apple cider concentrate can make everything from traditional apple cider to any of the beverages listed above and more. Best of all, our concentrate lasts up to 24 months once opened, allowing you to keep enjoying these drinks whenever you want. We do this by carefully boiling down our apple blends and removing the moisture. This way, there’s no premature decay, and you’re left with a concentrate that tastes just as good as standard cider when rehydrated. With this longevity, you can keep experimenting and coming up with your own recipes to share.