Tips for Buying Wholesale Apple Cider Concentrate

Apple cider is one of the most popular drinks in the country, especially during the fall season. Because of this, coffee shops, restaurants, and food stores alike love to offer it as an option for their customers. However, when it comes to stocking up on these products, you might discover that finding the right type of cider for your needs is difficult. Here, we provide a few tips for buying wholesale apple cider concentrate and some key factors to consider as you shop around.

Know What You’ll Make With It

Before you commit to purchasing wholesale apple cider mix, it’s crucial that you have plans for the supply. Whether you want to make drinks with it, experiment with it in your food, or offer it as a product on your shop’s shelves, the possibilities are endless. Still, having a plan allows you to better estimate how much you’ll need at a given time. This way, you can factor it into your budget and pay for only what you know you’ll use.

Prioritize Flavor and Versatility

As you search for the right concentrate, prioritizing the product’s taste and overall versatility is also important. After all, you want it to be a tasty addition to your menu, but you also want the ability to add it to other items if you desire. Many restaurants use apple cider concentrate as a glaze for certain cuts of meat or as a sweetening agent for soups and salads. So in picking a product with a well-rounded, diverse flavor, you’re free to experiment with it and make yourself stand out among competitors.

Consider the Product’s Longevity

Additionally, you’ll want your wholesale supply of apple cider concentrate to last. Since you don’t know how much of this product you’ll use right away, minimizing loss wherever you can is important. Purchasing a product that doesn’t spoil as quickly ensures that you always have some in stock for customers and that nothing goes to waste. Generally, concentrate has a much longer shelf life than jugged cider and tastes much better than dehydrated powder packets.

Choose a Quality Manufacturer

The most important tip for purchasing apple cider concentrate wholesale is to choose a product from a quality manufacturer. Unfortunately, not every producer of apple cider has the drive for quality, and you’ll end up finding that out the hard way. Paying extra attention to who you’re purchasing from can make a large difference in the quality of your own products down the line. So don’t settle for less when you could buy the best.

At Mountain Cider, we’re dedicated to producing only the best-tasting and longest-lasting spiced apple cider concentrate. By boiling down our apple mixture more thoroughly, we’ve created a product that has much more flavor than powdered packets with a life span that transcends that of jugged cider.