4 Ways To Refresh Your Summer Drink Menu

Summer food and beverages tend to look very different from those favored in the cooler seasons. In the warmer months, people crave something refreshing to break through the heat and leave them feeling revitalized. But even your classic summer drinks, like lemonade and iced tea, can become outdated to customers eventually. It’s up to you to bring some excitement back into your offerings. These are some effective ways to refresh your summer drink menu and keep your customers coming back for more this season.

Incorporate Fragrant Garnishes

There’s nothing like the herby fragrance of basil or the rich, sweet taste of lavender. These natural garnishes make great additions to any classic drink because not only do they taste good, but they also look good. These ingredients add just enough flair to intrigue the eyes and stimulate the taste buds in the right combination. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with them until you find something unique to bring to the table.

Make Hot Drinks Cold

It’s also an effective strategy to take traditionally hot drinks and make them cold to accommodate the heat. Where do you think drinks like iced coffee and iced tea got their start? Cooling these drinks down allows you to create a product that both satisfies your customers’ cravings and keeps them comfortable in the warm weather. Because of this, it might be beneficial to adopt this strategy with a few other warmer drinks, such as apple cider. There are dozens of cold drinks you can make with apple cider concentrate that are sure to please.

Keep It Bright and Colorful

It can also help to mix drinks that are bright and colorful. Lighter yellow, red, and amber colors are great for refreshing drinks because they even look light and cool to the touch. Color is a very effective way to draw the customer’s eye and pique their interest. For this reason, finding new, bright colors to use in your drinks could be the thing you need to revitalize your sales this season.

Experiment With New Fruit-Bases

One of the most impactful ways you can refresh your summer drink lineup is by trying out new fruit bases when crafting new cocktails. From sweet strawberry to tangy lemon and berry, the most refreshing of summer drinks start out with a fruity base. By experimenting with new fruits for your drinks, you can come up with something completely new that your customers will love.

While apple cider is a traditional fall beverage, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a refreshing summer drink with it. At Mountain Cider, we specialize in creating a blended, boiled cider concentrate that you can add to anything. From food to summer drinks, there’s no end to the tasty uses for our product. Contact us today to learn where to buy boiled cider and why it’s a great menu option for any time of year.