Why Apple Cider Concentrate Doesn’t Need To Be Refrigerated

Apple cider concentrate features numerous magical qualities. It tastes like a cozy fall day, provides rich spiced flavors, and offers a lot of versatility. They also last for months and don’t require refrigeration. When you come across something you love, you want to make it last forever. Although technology has yet to make a consumable that outlasts the test of time, many products, such as apple cider concentrate, possess a long shelf life. Here is why apple cider concentrate doesn’t need refrigeration and how it survives.

Self-Preserving Ingredients

Consumables often require added preservatives to prevent mold growth, slow oxidation, and stabilize enzymes, increasing their shelf life. Refrigerators work similarly to preservatives. In a cider concentrate, the consolidated acidity from the pressed apples acts as their natural stabilizer.

Like squeezing lemon or lime on an open avocado, the acids in a cider concentrate maintain its freshness. They also consist of antioxidants that minimize oxidation, preserving the quality of the consumable in question. Apple cider concentrate’s built-in self-preserving mechanism keeps the cider in top condition and fresh for longer without the need for additives or fridges.

Minimal Water Concentration

Moisture produces the ideal setting for mold growth, and stagnant water easily cultivates bacteria. Leaving perishables out of the refrigerator allows their water content to warm up and curates an attractive breeding ground for both germs and fungi. In order to stay fresh on the shelf and countertop, food items need minimal to no water concentration.

Concentrates are the result of thoroughly pressed, milled, and heated ingredients. As the apples get squeezed and cooked, they release a majority of their internal water content. Without a high water concentration, the consolidated apple cider product provides an uninhabitable ground for bacteria and mold. With its water content removed, apple cider concentrates continue to maintain their quality outside of the fridge.

Ideal Storage Method

A hot spiced apple cider concentrate tastes delicious in its numerous forms, from a cozy beverage to an oven-fresh dessert. With so many qualities to love, maintaining the quality of your cider concentrate gives you more time to enjoy it and maximize its use. Putting your concentrate in the fridge does further preserve your cider mix, but it’s not necessary. Plus, if you want a warm mug of cider, it takes longer to make when using a refrigerated concentrate. Storing the cider mix in a cool and dark cupboard provides the ideal storage solution for maintaining the quality of your concentrate and optimizes its use.

The secret behind the magic of apple cider concentrate maintaining its quality outside of the fridge is the concentrate itself. Its ingredients and processed composition make it self-preserving and unattractive to nasty bacteria and other lingering threats.

At Mountain Cider, our spiced apple cider concentrate offers lots of loveable qualities, from ingredient versatility to its extended shelf life. Make the most of the fall and winter seasons with a cup of hot spiced apple cider.