What Gives Apple Cider Concentrate Its Spicy Kick?

Apple cider concentrate graces a wide variety of recipes with its rich and delicious flavor. It can produce cozy autumnal beverages, fun summer cocktails, and various other refreshments and desserts. No matter how you prefer to enjoy it, apple cider concentrate is flavorful and aromatic. Here’s what goes into a spiced apple cider concentrate to give it its spicy kick.

Classic Cinnamon

Sugar and spice make everything nice. Cinnamon—mixed with a dash of brown sugar—creates the optimal balance of sweetness and warmth, and it’s a classic fall flavor in apple cider concentrate. This earthy spice is a familiar seasonal favorite, sure to produce the most delectable, mildly spicy treats.

Peppery Allspice

Peppers are well-known in the kitchen for adding a kick to any dish. Although they differ from the traditional notion of peppers, Jamaican peppers—commonly known as allspice—still provide a peppery punch.

Allspice comes from a dried, unripe berry called pimento. Allspice features a bit of heat, sweetness, and savoriness, making it a versatile spice that enhances ingredients and complements a range of other seasonings. As a complex, unique flavoring, allspice commonly appears in apple cider concentrate.

Aromatic Anise

Star anise is a spice worthy of royal status—and not just because it features a unique jewel shape. Like many other aromatic seasonings, star anise originates from Asia and possesses a mix of bitter, sweet, and savory tang. The spice tastes similar to licorice and frequently appears in curries and other flavorful, spicy concoctions. As such, anise is a popular choice for adding a sweet kick of spice to apple cider concentrate.

Other Popular Cider Spices

While cinnamon, allspice, and anise are often the star spices in apple cider concentrate, many others deserve mention, such as the following:

  • Cloves
  • Peppercorns
  • Cardamom
  • Nutmeg

These seasonings add a rich blend of sweet and spicy to any treat, adding warmth to the food and your body.

Now you know some of the pungent seasonings that give apple cider concentrate its spicy kick, making it a tasty treat fit for numerous foods and drinks. If you’re an apple cider fan, you can count on the spiced apple cider concentrate from Mountain Cider. Our concentrate will surely provide you with that cozy fall flavor you’re craving.