Hot Beverages To Add to Your Concession Stand Menu This Fall

Running your own concessions booth during fall events is some of the most fun you can have during the season. You get to make money selling your food, and you get a front-row seat to the rest of the festivities. Offering hot drinks along with your meals can be a great way to complement your food’s flavor and attract patrons to your stall in the process. Here are popular hot beverages to add to your concession stand menu this fall.

Hot Chocolate

Although people know this sweet and warming treat as a winter drink, the fall chill makes many want to partake. Chocolate is a weakness for a lot of people, and offering your own take on this traditional hot beverage will make anyone take a second look at your stand.

Additionally, there are plenty of ways to customize your hot chocolate recipe to stand out from competitors. You could add a dash of cinnamon for a spicy kick or load each mug with a mountain of thickly whipped cream. Using real chocolate in your recipe can also make for a richer taste that patrons won’t be able to get enough of.

Pumpkin-Spiced Coffee

Fall is the season of pumpkin-spiced everything. From baked goods to dinners to snacks, everyone loves a good blending of this flavor palate. However, if you want to get their attention, consider offering a classic pumpkin-spiced coffee brew. The heat and caffeine will perk your patrons right up while the beloved mixture of spices revives their fall spirit. Making this drink in several different ways, such as offering mochas alongside classic coffee, will further increase your stand’s appeal.

Spiced Apple Cider

The most important hot beverage to add to your concession stand menu this fall, though, is a classic spiced apple cider. Next to pumpkins, apples are among the most popular produce of the season. Their sweet yet tart flavor palate makes for a treat that anyone can enjoy. Whether your customers like something on the sweeter side or slightly milder and more natural, you can make something to accommodate.

The apple flavor works well when paired with other seasonal tastes, too. So you can experiment and find something new to offer. However, make sure you have the right concentrate on-hand to make for the freshest possible drinks.

It takes a quality batch of apple cider concentrate to create the cherished flavor combination that everyone loves during the fall. That’s why at Mountain Cider, we go the extra mile to deliver. We’re dedicated to crafting the best possible concentrate and ensuring that it creates the perfect cup of hot cider every time without fail.